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Keith's Program

"Mind Over Magic" is a fascinating presentation that will take you to the edge of the impossible. Keith Matheny is a mentalist and a motivating entertainer who will capture your imagination as he reveals your thoughts, predicts answers to math problems before they are created and describes objects held by audience members while he is heavily blindfolded. The memory portions of Keith's show are simply unbelievable as he learns the names of over 100 people just minutes before the show and later identifies each person by name. In another demonstration, three city phone books are handed out for examination. An audience member chooses one, opens it to any page and selects a phone number. Incredibly, Keith calls out the phone number chosen. This is a high energy show that combines audience participation, good-natured humor and motivational words that are guaranteed to refresh and inspire. During one demonstration, Keith risks his performance fee on a prediction. If he fails, the check is returned and the show is free. And just in case you are skeptical, Keith uses no confederates or stooges to accomplish these demonstrations and offers $50,000 to anyone who can prove otherwise.

So the next time you are in charge of getting an entertainer, a speaker, or both, make your event a memorable one with Keith Matheny's "Mind Over Magic". It's sophisticated, motivational, very clean cut and highly entertaining.