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Keith's Books

Keith has written two books now!    To Purchase please contact us to find how to obtain one or both of these outstanding books!



Keith Matheny takes you on an exciting journey to develop "Dynamite Self-Esteem".   His seven steps are the roadmap to feeling great about yourself.  This book is a must for teenagers trying to find themselves in this crazed world.  It is a must for people who have failed marriages or relationships, and its a must for people who have been blown apart by the negative "bombs" that have been dropped on them throughout most of their lives.   This book contains the dynamite needed to blow up bad self-esteem habits and lay the ground work to build a fresh new life!


Does this sound familiar?  You ask someone his or her name and five minutes later you can't remember it!   You go to the grocery store to pick up a few items and when you get there you can't remember what you needed.  It is not because you have a bad memory or are getting older.  It is because you have an untrained memory that is out of shape!  This book will help you develop and maintain a Dynamite Memory.  In these pages, motivational speaker and entertainer Keith Matheny will teach you his exact mindset and the method he uses in his corporate motivational programs to memorize over 200 people's names!  This book will help you unlock your mental powers, sharpen your mind, enhance your memory and expand the horizon of possibilities.